Free VPN Service List

The Internet is everywhere. Since you come here you mostly already know what VPN means to the online security and safety for your daily web browsing life.

Every week we review all the FREE VPN services over the internet and pick up 1-2 best ones for our readers. All of the websites we recommend are 100% FREE, and 100% safe, no payment required, no email registration needed, and absolutely no adware or spyware installed for the user’s computer. We believe the FREE, GREEN and ORGANIC VPN service is the best choice for our valued reader’s daily web surfing activities!

The best free VPN accounts we strongly recommended

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We wish every one of you a smooth internet browsing experience with our Free VPN service!

Benefits of using VPN for daily web surfing experience:

  • Encrypts and compresses all web browsing traffic for safe and fast surfing experience;
  • Unblocks local ISP’s traffic shaping and filtering, return you a true world;
  • Hiding online tracks from internet sniffing & web monitoring system, working with any high-speed internet connections;
  • Your real internet IP is 100% hidden when using the VPN service;
  • Visit US/UK based rich video, online TV, audio and social network websites;
  • Working with Almost any operation systems like Microsoft Windows 10/8/7, Apple Mac OSX 12.x, Linux Ubuntu, or almost any mobile phones like iPhone/iPad IOS or Android phones/tablets.

How to Verify your new IP Address after VPN is connected

 Once VPN connection is established, you can easily check your current IP address information by visiting the free IP info website:

Check your IP Address =>